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Seminar & Awareness Program     PM Vishwakarma Scheme

• Easy financial assistance of Rs      • Free skill training on 18 fields
City Bureau, February 2 Mr. K. Shashanka., I.A.S District Collector & Magistrate,Rangareddy District, Madhusudan said that.

PM Vishwakarma scheme aims to provide free training in skills and encouragement with financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Orientation conference on PM Vishwakarma Scheme organized under the aegis of Telangana Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (Cowe).

Held at Bhagya Nagar function hall Siri Nagar, L.B. Nagar, HYD-74

, MSMEs, various handicraftsmen, Cowe representatives and enthusiastic industrialists were present.

He said that the PM Vishwakarma scheme introduced by the Center with the aim of protecting caste professions.
and handicrafts will help to establish a self-sustaining system and small and medium scale cottage industries.

Through this scheme COWE He said that the applicants will be given special training for the professions mentioned in

the scheme and will be given a stipend of Rs.500 per day and free accommodation for the training period.

If you apply through Aadhaar, Aadhaar-linked mobile number and ration card, the selection will be completed online.

He said that there is no need to go around the work and there is no need to pay any fees and charges to the mediators.

Similarly, application can be made free of charge at the Common Service Center. selected
Orientation classes experts, Cowe organizers participated in the meeting.
He said that they will be given training programs, bank loan facility and certificate in three stages.

He said that only the castes mentioned in the PM Vishwakarma scheme are eligible and

it will be the right platform for them to grow as aspiring entrepreneurs. Assistant Director of MSME, Sumathi, gave awareness about the application procedure, required applications and the benefits of this scheme through a power point presentation.

More than 150 people attended the orientation session, online registration along with course details and scheme procedures.
Advice to professionals. Cowe Telangana Chapter President Chetana Jain said that the aim of this program is to provide the fruits of

the scheme offered by the Center to the caste workers.Smt. Chetanan Jain, President, COWE -Telangana Chapter,

Smt Sumathi N,Assistant Director MSME-DFO, Hyderabad, Shri D Chandra Sekhar, IEDS Additional Development Commissioner, MSME-DFO, M/o MSME

Shri N.P. Banni Bagi Deputy Director, Regional Directorate of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship- Telangana M/o Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr. J. Rajeshwar Reddy GM-DIC, Hyderabad, Smt Kusuma LDM, Rangareddy District participated.

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